PV Amateur Radio Club - KM6DLG

PV ARC maintains seven repeaters for the Portola Valley, Woodside and surrounding areas.  These are open repeaters, emergency powered, and used by local amateurs and the WPV-CERT teams.

FM Repeaters

      224.820+  PL 110.9        KM6DLG (NARCC Coordinated)

      146.085+  PL 110.9        KM6DLG (Uncoordinated)

          52.92-   PL 100.0        KM6DLG (NARCC Coordination)

      146.085+  PL 100.0        WB5NVN (NARCC Coordinated)

—> Local hams meet on NVN repeater 7:45 pm Tuesdays<--

The KM6DLG 2-meter and 220 ham repeaters are linked. Transmitting to either one, repeats on both.  

DMR Repeater - WB5NVN digital ID

      145.025 TX - 147.525 RX  ColorCode 03 (NCDCC Coordinated.  NARCC recorded)

                                 Local Talk Group 312882

      Click here to view current DMR log. 

GMRS Repeaters - WQBS772

      462.625 MHz DCS 162   (PV1 on WPV-CERT) <—MAIN CHANNEL

      462.675 MHz DCS 162   (PV2 on WPV-CERT)


San Mateo Sheriff’s ACS 

SM Sheriff’s ACS maintains a HAM repeater network on 146.865 PL 114.8 VHF.

In some portions of Portola Valley and Woodside this SM ACS VHF repeater is hard to reach or we can’t be easily heard.  As a service to SM ACS, PV ARC maintains a UHF repeater link to the SM ACS VHF system for PV and Woodside.  It is 

              440.975+ PL 131.8  KC6ULT
The SM Sheriff’s ACS operates a directed net on Tuesday evenings at 8 pm for amateur operators.  Other San Mateo information and general radio frequency information is here

SM ACS  also reserves the amateur simplex frequency for Portola Valley as 

             146.475 simplex, PL 114.8 to be used locally during an emergency.


WPV-CERT GMRS Repeaters & Portola Valley TIS AM Radio

PV EPC maintains an AM broadcast station on 1680 kHz, transmitting 24x7 recorded information.  Should an emergency be declared, the AM radio will be updated accordingly or live transmissions commenced.

WPV-CERT GMRS Repeater for Portola Valley

           462.625+  DCS 162     WQBS772     WPV-CERT LABEL:   PV1

           462.675+  DCS 162     WQBS772     WPV-CERT LABEL:   PV2

The emergency communications trailer has full WPV-CERT, HAM, and its own GMRS repeater radio capability:

      462.600+ DCS 025  WQBS772    WPV-CERT LABEL:  PVT

Other WPV-CERT GMRS Repeaters.

      462.550+  DCS 115     WPV-CERT LABEL:  WD1 (Woodside)

      462.700+  DCS 131     WPV-CERT LABEL:  SK1  (Skyline)

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